Hélène Brunet
Award and Prizes received by Artist Hélène Brunet
Aquarelle Hélene Brunet les chardons bleus Watercolor "Les chardons bleus" format 18 ". X 14 "earned a" Mention of Honor "at the Canadian Watercolor Society at their annual show in April ’86.
Aquarelle Hélene Brunet Fraicheur Watercolor "Fraicheur" format 14 "x 19" was awarded a "Mention of Honor" at the Art'89 exhibition of the Jewish Community Center of Laval in April 1989.
Aquarelle Hélene Brunet La Jardinière Watercolor « La jardiniere » format 14 » x 19 » was awarded “ First price” at the spring show of the Association of LaSalle Artists in 1989.
Aquarelle Hélene Brunet  Fleurs et Crystal Watercolor » Fleurs et Crystal » format 22 » x 30 » was awarded “First mention “ at the third show of “ Les peintres de la Fleur at the Montreal Botanical Garden in 1991
Aquarelle Hélene Brunet Imprégnée de fantaisie

Watercolor » Impregnee de fantaisie « format 11 » x 29 » was awarded “ People choice” at la Maison des Arts de Laval in July 1993.

Aquarelle Hélene Brunet En plein soleil

Watercolor «  En plein soleil » format 16 » x 19 » was accepted for the annual exhibition of the Society of painters in watercolor of Canada held in Toronto in December 1998.

Aquarelle Hélene Brunet Offrande Watercolor » Offrande » format 14 « x 10 » choose by the jury to be the Circuit des Arts poster’s for the year 2000.
Oeuvre Hélene Brunet SOLIDAIRE

Painting done with graphite powder “ Solidaire” format 30” x 40” was awarded “ honorable mention” at the online contest “Shades of grey” of the spring edition of the Drawing’s magazine in 2016 and in the fall of the same year won the “3rd people choice in the LaPrairie exhibition contest.

Aquarelle Hélene Brunet Bulles d’air Watercolor » Bulles d’air » format 9 » x 9 » was awarded an “honorable mention” in the U.S.A. online contest “Light space and time “in 2016
Graphite Hélene Brunet Bouquet fleuri

Graphite powder on yupo paper painting intitled « Bouquet fleuri” was awarded a “honorable mention” in the “Shades of grey” contest for the Magazine “Drawing” spring edition in 2017.

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