Hélène Brunet
Hélène Brunet

Artist Statement

Hélène Brunet, artist-painter since 1971 (I sign Brunet) I am in permanent evolution after painting for a long time with watercolor, acrylic and mixed mediums. It is in 2014 that I made the discovery of a new medium: the graphite powder that I apply on canvas or paper with a little water and then fixing it with acid free acrylic varnish. My unique way of using it has earned me several prizes for the "Shades of gray" competition from "Drawing" magazine in 2016 and 2017.

Two years later, following a meeting with international artist Steven Spazuk, I discovered the technique of fire painting (using the soot of a candle on cardboard or canvas to then sculpt (with brushes or erasers) the subject.

 These new means of expression allow me to meet other challenges while exploring another way to paint my favorite subjects that are flowers, landscapes and sometimes characters etc. ... figuratively or abstractly. Painting for me is a moment of satisfaction and pure happiness.

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